Our Peak Performance IQube continues what the Focus IQube started. Our new Peak Performance contains the Focus program, the Protection program, the Empowerment program and our new Peak Performance program. We also installed an oxygen tube to enhance performance. Our new twin tube design allowed us to introduce additional inert gases and frequency combinations that deal with integrating energy to strengthen and balance the bodies energies. This was not available with the single tube design. Plays 24/7 no sound required. The smaller size makes it more convenient for travel.

Our Peak Performance IQube continues what the Focus IQube started. The new twin tube design has allowed us to create another level of integration that was not available with the single tube design. We were given 3 affirmations to help integrate the mental and physical changes that will arise. It is recommended that saying any one of these special affirmations during exposure to the Peak Performance IQube will help accelerate the integration. The following affirmations; "I am Powerful", "I am Beautiful", and "I am Worthy". will help you claim your new reality.


The frontal lobes are considered our emotional control center and home to our personality. The frontal lobes are involved in planning, motor function, problem solving, spontaneity, memory, language, initiation, judgment, impulse control, and a variety of "higher cognitive functions" including behavior and emotions. The frontal lobes are extremely vulnerable to injury due to their location at the front of the cranium. MRI studies have shown that the frontal area is the most common region of injury following mild to moderate traumatic brain injury.

More than 300,000 concussions occur every year. A study published in August in the journal Pediatrics found that concussion, a brain injury caused by a blow to the head, is common in young athletes, sending about 250,000 children between ages 8 and 19 to emergency rooms from 2001 through 2005. Add a lifetime of left brain stimulation during our formative years at home and school and you will discover how naturally occurring development problems can affect the brain. This information is but one of the many reasons we feel the Peak Performance IQube will be of benefit to everyone.

ADHD (attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder) is a problem in children and adults that is typified by an inability to focus, stay alert, and maintain attention on tasks requiring some level of sustained concentration. Somewhere between 5-12% of children and adults are afflicted with ADD. Down through the years there have been many ideas posed as to what causes ADD.

The prevailing theory to date is that ADHD is a congenital disorder with a sizeable genetic link that causes cortical under arousal, thus causing some level of brain “deactivation” or under-stimulation in the frontal and parietal lobes. This “brain dampening” or under arousal disables normal functioning for the frontal lobes, impairing the executive functions of the frontal lobes.
The lack of mental activity in the frontal lobes has become one of the greatest detriments to human evolution. Lack of stimulation not only preventing spiritual development, but potential success in all areas of life. Our Focus IQube targets the Subtle body which in turn stimulates the Frontal Lobe and encourages more left - right hemisphere communication.

Helium (He) Helium has the smallest size of the inert gases. This is symbolic on the subtle levels of the inter connectivity between many beings. The collective unconscious is stimulated and brought into a state of coordination. This will generally result in the release of negativity from the day. There is a significant relief of insomnia from using helium. This is one of the key indications of when to use the helium rather than the other gases, when there is sleep difficulty. Helium has some anti-viral properties. It is quite useful when wishing to connect to the Earth. This can be valuable in the birthing process. It is the most mutable of the gases, existing not only on the physical level but able to shift into other planes of existence as well. Helium is the main substance that is used by our sun in the stepping down process of higher vibrational realities into a more 3-dimensional base. There is an increase in life force in the presence of helium.
Neon (Ne) The primary use of neon is to stimulate the root chakra and connect it to other energy sources. The root chakra is the lower energy center relating to the reproductive or digestive system. Neon will generally bring more energy into the physical body. A sense of connection to the Earth may be felt. Neon can assist individuals who are attempting to lose weight and wish to understand more about the lessons involved. It then becomes easier to stick to a diet and to understand what is involved in changing ones body image to match an internal image. The energies associated with the need to sometimes protect oneself from others may become more visible. As one becomes stronger and more aware of earth energy, there is less need for such protection. With this deeper connection to Earth, people can have a deeper awareness of the material portion of their existence. Neon is very grounding. It can be used to antidote unwanted psychic energies or bring one back into the body when one wishes. Any negative thought form dealing with sexual issues or issues of survival would be assisted by neon.
Krypton (Ke) can stimulate many psychic gifts in people. This can be quite dramatic. It will supply just the right push for people to reach the full potential of their somewhat dormant abilities. In addition, Krypton can make one more aware of negative thought forms derived from past-life energies, that tend to be mysterious. Once brought into awareness these energies can be more easily dealt with and released. These mysterious qualities are symbolized by the combination of astrological influences concerning the planets Neptune and Uranus. The signature of Krypton derives from its ability to bridge between the Argon and Xenon levels. Xenon is representative of very high and powerful energies most utilized throughout the galaxy. Argon is representative of the human life-stream and of the Earth. Krypton can clear confused mental states by bringing brain waves into greater synchronization. There can also be an improvement of memory function and a balancing of the right and left brain.
Argon (Ar) Argon has its roots in energy. It symbolizes the transition energies that are now important for Earth. It is the most valuable gas for most individuals. The Argon energy can be slightly stimulating over time. This can provide a general boost in inner strength and a deeper awareness of the power chakra or solar plexus area. Mankind is moving through an important condition of dramatic change and dealing with the power center in individuals is of tremendous importance right now. Argon is the most plentiful of the inert gases in the Earth’s atmosphere and this is its signature. There will be an awareness of what you have learned in the world, how this is influenced by love and the emotions in the first and second chakra's, and how this is applied in your life. This is the level from which Argon is working. Argon can be used by anyone with no side effects and many beneficial ones. It can release thought forms that have stood in the way of bringing more energy into the physical body. It is recommended for dealing with powerfully entrenched negative attitudes, blockages at the conscious level and psychological patterns that one wishes to change. Argon can increase the coordination of the mental body and spiritual body in working in concert with the aetheric body. We also offer Pure Argon in our Protection IQube program.

Peak Performance IQube comes with 110/240 power systems. We use an AC adapter to run the digital players 24/7

We provide six custom inert noble gas inserts for this special Peak Performance IQube.

Our new design has allowed us to add an Oxygen tube to this wonderful instrument.

Digital Player is pre-loaded with custom frequency programs. We modify the basic player to allow us direct access out from the storage drive. Coupling the internal drive directly to our custom amp allows us to produce perfect frequencies and waveforms.

Our Peak Performance IQube comes with 3 bottles of Performance concentrate. This special water was created to carry the priority frequency information into the body while flushing toxins and providing maximum hydration.

* We reserve the right to make changes in the design and support components

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