We were given the task of creating a new affordable IQube that would introduce humanity to our life work and the benefits of our Scalar Vortex pump technology. The ability to de-charge negative energy and nullify thought forms have been describe below. With the new design we were inspired to focus on the emotional problems that are upsetting the physical body. When and where did we begin to lose our personal power and how do we reverse this downward spiral. Our life work has been focused on restoring ones self empowerment. Divine Inner guidance lead us to a perfect solution. Another example of our Stress Shield Technology. The new internal design has enabled us to offer a super low introductory price. It is our hope that once you experience the benefits of your Empowerment IQube you will take a deeper look at our complete product line.

We feel our newest IQube has been given the perfect name, "Empowerment IQube". It creates a feeling of well being. This latest design incorporates the benefits of Helium, Neon and Argon to strengthen the physical body while making it easier to give up poor behavior habits. These three gases work together to bring energy more clearly into the physical on many levels. Athletic performance can be enhanced, especially with clear visualization of the desired results. Muscles and bones can become stronger. There can also be some enhancement of sexual energy, with a greater ability to connect with one's mate. Also, the ability to make rapid decisions is enhanced. The Divine Sciences are helping us to restore the lost ancient knowledge. The Empowerment IQube stimulates the bodies energy systems, improves digestion and provides the necessary energy to accomplish your goals. Now, you can dare to dream your dream. PS, everyone of our testers, exposed to the Empowerment IQube have experienced natural increases in muscle strength and weight loss. One of the many benefits of the inert noble gas, Neon.

"Of all the devices, I feel this one has positively changed my personality the most in the shortest amount of time. I am finding myself taking decisive action like watching myself on a movie screen. I have more passion, more physical energy and "grunt," and I feel like my potential is really expanding."

"The Empowerment IQube grounds me deeper into myself. I have less fear in my system and get more present and live more deeply with awareness each day I live with it in my life. It amazes me what has started to move and is shifting. After only a few weeks, I am accessing a deeper part of my potential that I always felt was elusively there but some part of me was so afraid before to access. I am now giddy about the future!"
Blessings Ian Burton

Dec 2011 "I borrowed the cube for a few days from a friend. When i gave her (Empowerment) cube back.... I miss it. Interesting I have never felt anxious before but am noticing that I am not as comfortable as I felt I was previously. Noting the difference I realize that with the cube in my home my head was clearer, happier and not at all overwhelmed. Now as I prepare for Tuesdays presentation in front of 75 people I am realizing that I am not as confident as before having the cube, however that is because with the cube everything felt "easier". Strange knowing the difference of what is possible, of feeling everything is EASY. This is really funny (well maybe miraculous) ...with the cube running I tidied the house not because I "had to", but because"it was a pleasure to do so" - a very interesting phenomena..." one I'd like to experience again. I enjoyed having it in my office as well kept the energy clean and positive.
Jan 2012
My daughter asked me to borrow the cube again for a few days, so she can organize her room and get her New Years Resolutions arranged. She really notices it not being in the house and is saving her money to buy it asap! Jessy, Body Talk/Reiki Practitioner, Ont. Canada

I couldn't wait to see how I would feel having the Empowerment iQube in my New York City apartment. I placed the iQube in my bedroom about a week ago and here's what I've been feeling and experiencing.

I feel I am in a meditative field in my bedroom. Silence permeates the air and is, at times, audible, like a universal hum. At times, there's a thundering silence. I feel embraced by this positive, nurturing field.

The Empowerment iQube makes my house feel like a sanctuary. There's an invisible shield (field) of protection around me. Feels like a consciousness machine is generating great energy as I fall asleep, and I seem to stay asleep longer. A delicious feeling of joy and contentment is in the air as I fall off to sleep. I feel I am not alone with the city vibes that permeate through the walls, but rather feel like a group of meditators are sitting in the corner of my bedroom generating positive energy and I am getting the benefit of their lively consciousness in my life, in my environment.

While preparing for a family party that would normally make me a bit anxious because there's just so much to do, instead I felt calm, smooth, felt I had enough time and energy for everything, no anxiety. Now this was really different for me. My friend, who feels energy, came over to my house to help me with some chores. He said that as soon as he came in to my apartment, he could feel that something was different, something very subtle. When I showed him the Empowerment iQube, he said he felt it "smoothes out the sharp edges" in the environment. The Empowerment iQube provides a very subtle change in my environment that makes me feel supported and nurtured in my life. Kathleen O'Sullivan Nov. 21, 2011

Helium (He) Helium has the smallest size of the inert gases. This is symbolic on the subtle levels of the inter connectivity between many beings. The collective unconscious is stimulated and brought into a state of coordination. This will generally result in the release of negativity from the day. There is a significant relief of insomnia from using helium. This is one of the key indications of when to use the helium rather than the other gases, when there is sleep difficulty. Helium has some anti-viral properties. It is quite useful when wishing to connect to the Earth. This can be valuable in the birthing process. It is the most mutable of the gases, existing not only on the physical level but able to shift into other planes of existence as well. Helium is the main substance that is used by our sun in the stepping down process of higher vibrational realities into a more 3-dimensional base. There is an increase in life force in the presence of helium.
Neon (Ne) The primary use of neon is to stimulate the root chakra and connect it to other energy sources. The root chakra is the lower energy center relating to the reproductive or digestive system. Neon will generally bring more energy into the physical body. A sense of connection to the Earth may be felt. Neon can assist individuals who are attempting to lose weight and wish to understand more about the lessons involved. It then becomes easier to stick to a diet and to understand what is involved in changing ones body image to match an internal image. The energies associated with the need to sometimes protect oneself from others may become more visible. As one becomes stronger and more aware of earth energy, there is less need for such protection. With this deeper connection to Earth, people can have a deeper awareness of the material portion of their existence. Neon is very grounding. It can be used to antidote unwanted psychic energies or bring one back into the body when one wishes. It can be worn in the lower part of the body such as the feet and legs. Any negative thought form dealing with sexual issues or issues of survival would be assisted by neon.
Argon (Ar) Argon has its roots in energy. It symbolizes the transition energies that are now important for Earth. It is the most valuable gas for most individuals. The argon energy can be slightly stimulating over time. This can provide a general boost in inner strength and a deeper awareness of the power chakra or solar plexus area. Mankind is moving through an important condition of dramatic change and dealing with the power center in individuals is of tremendous importance right now. Argon is the most plentiful of the inert gases in the Earth’s atmosphere and this is its signature. There will be an awareness of what you have learned in the world, how this is influenced by love and the emotions in the first and second chakra's, and how this is applied in your life. This is the level from which argon is working. Argon can be used by anyone with no side effects and many beneficial ones. It can release thought forms that have stood in the way of bringing more energy into the physical body. It is recommended for dealing with powerfully entrenched negative attitudes, blockages at the conscious level and psychological patterns that one wishes to change. Argon can increase the coordination of the mental body and spiritual body in working in concert with the aetheric body. We also offer Pure Argon in our Protection IQube program.

Simply plug in the power cord and the Sansa player will begin. We incorporate a special 660nm internal LED light system that will fire when special frequencies are being played. Keep a bottle of the Empowerment Concentrate on top of the unit while the program is running. After the program has completed one cycle, then mix 2 ounces of concentrate with 1 gallon of distilled water and enjoy. We use distilled water because it has been stripped of memory and will take on the signature of the concentrate. Our water has the correct geometry to pass through the membranes of the cells which allows the body to dump stored toxins while being hydrated.

The biggest problem students face is the lack of grounding. The healers eventually become sick as they are unable to nullify the energy and de-charge the stress and strain in their daily lives. The lack of grounding also affects one's ability to process food which further reduces their personal power. This downward spiral has been going on for years.

Our homes are filled with devices that further restrict our ability to experience natural grounding. We have constant problems from 60 cycle AC, cell towers, computers, WiFi etc. Every carpet acts like an insulator and further prevents ones ability to naturally ground their system. During the winter months our heating systems further reduce the water content in the air and we become a victim of static discharge. These irritating shocks continue to upset the bodies electrical system. The wearing of nylon and synthetics increase this problem.

We are proud to present a simple solution with our new silent Empowerment IQube. (this special application runs 24/7, incorporates a new internal design and does not require a speaker) The benefits of our Scalar Vortex design in dealing with radiation has already proven itself. Adding the benefits of Helium, Neon, and Argon to our Scalar Vortex design allows us to support, protect and help balance the Etheric bodies defense systems.


Our Empowerment IQube comes with 2 bottles of Concentrate plus a handy carry case